The greatest fool in the world!

(Thomas Guthrie, 1803-1873)

Sin is the greatest folly — and the sinner the greatest fool in the world! There is no such madness, even in the most degraded lunacy.

Think of a man risking eternity and his everlasting happiness — on the uncertain chance of surviving another year!

Think of a man purchasing a momentary pleasure — at the cost of endless pain!

Think of a dying man living — as if he were never to die!

That man is a fool . . .
who, with a soul formed for the purest enjoyments — delights in the basest pleasures;
who, content with this poor world — rejects Heavenly bliss;
who, surest sign of insanity — hates the heavenly Father, and the Savior, and those who love Him;
who, in love with sin — hugs his chains;
who, lying under the wrath of God — is merry;
who sings and dances on the thin crust that, ever and always breaking beneath the feet of others — is all that separates him from an infinite abyss of fire!

Every Christian looks back upon his unconverted state, and says with Asaph, "I was foolish and ignorant; I was a brute beast before You!" Psalm 73:22