You will make no advance in the divine life!

(Octavius Winslow, "Glimpses of truth as it is in Jesus")

"Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever!" Hebrews 13:8

You will make no advance in the divine life — if your eye is ever upon yourself instead of Christ.

What though the experience of today is the opposite of the experience of yesterday:
 yesterday all brightness — today all cloudiness;
 yesterday your soul like a well-tuned Psalm — today every string loosed and breathing no melody;
 yesterday, Jesus felt to be so near and precious — today not a loving emotion in your heart;
 yesterday, communion with God so sweet — today, none whatever;
 yesterday, desiring to walk uprightly, holily, and humbly — today detecting so much that is vacillating, weak, and vile.

Nevertheless, Jesus is not changed!
The work of Christ is the same.
Your acceptance in Him is the same.
His intercession in Heaven for you is the same.

So why are you so eager to fly to spiritual experiences for support, strength, and consolation — rising when they rise, falling when they fall — when all your standing, joy, peace, and hope are entirely outside of yourself, and are solely in Christ?

What though you change a thousand times in one day? He never changes!

God may vary His dispensations.
He may alter His mode of dealing.
He may change the nature of His discipline.
He may vary the lesson — but His loving-kindness and His truth are as unchangeable as His very being. He may dry up the earthly cistern — but He will never seal up the heavenly fountain! That will flow on in grace through all time, and in glory through all eternity!