One of the most loathsome sights in the world!

(Don Fortner)

"This is what the Sovereign LORD says: Woe to the shepherds of Israel who only take care of themselves! Should not shepherds take care of the flock? You eat the curds, clothe yourselves with the wool and slaughter the choice animals — but you do not take care of the flock!" Ezekiel 34:2-3

One of the most loathsome sights in the world, is a self-serving preacher!

No work is so great,
no labor is so noble,
no burden is so heavy,
no honor is so humbling —
as preaching the gospel of the grace of God to eternity bound sinners!

Let every man called of God to preach the Gospel, disentangle himself from the affairs of this world — with determined consecration to Christ, His Gospel and His Church, addicting himself to prayer, study and preaching.

"He is a dear brother, a faithful minister and fellow servant in the Lord." Colossians 4:7