The Book of Life!

(George Burder, "Death and Judgment!")

"If anyone's name was not found written in the Book of Life — he was thrown into the Lake of Fire!" Revelation 20:15

The Book of Life contains a list of all the names of the people of God — those who were . . .
  chosen by the Father to salvation;
  redeemed by the blood of Christ; and
  called, renewed, and sanctified by the Holy Spirit.

Here will be found the names of those people who were convinced of their sin and misery; humbled on account of their abominations; and who, being enlightened in the knowledge of Christ — came to Him by precious faith, for life and salvation; and who proved the truth of their faith, by the holiness of their lives and conduct.

What watchfulness, what seriousness, befits us! Let us be concerned to be always ready — daily walking humbly and closely with God — sitting loose to all created objects, from which death may so suddenly separate us — and having our affections set on heavenly things, to which death will so readily transmit us!

Look on death as a disarmed foe — a serpent which may hiss, but cannot sting!

Look on judgment as a most desirable event — when soul and body being united, and made perfect in holiness, shall be  forever made happy in the full enjoyment of Christ to all eternity!