Such hopes are highly pleasing to the devil!

(George Lawson, "A Practical Exposition of the Book of Proverbs" 1821)

"When a wicked man dies, his hope perishes!" Proverbs 11:7

Men derive almost the whole of their happiness from the hope of some future good.

Wicked men may indulge themselves in hopes of eternal happiness also. Such hopes are highly pleasing to the devil, who keeps his slaves quiet by means of them, until they are brought into the same hopeless condition with himself! Thus the life of a wicked man is spent in vain wishes, and toils, and hopes — until death kills at once his body, his hope, and his happiness!

Does the wicked man expect Heaven?
How terrible will be the punishment of his presumptuous hopes, when he shall be hurled down headlong into the depths of eternal despair!

"But the hopes of the wicked come to nothing!" Proverbs 10:28