(Charles Spurgeon,  "The Fair Portrait of a Saint" 1880)

"My feet have closely followed His steps — I have kept to His way without turning aside." Job 23:11

A very beautiful motto is hung up in our classroom at the Stockwell Orphanage, "What would Jesus do?" Not only may children take it as their guide, but all of us may do the same, whatever our age.

"What would Jesus do?"

If you desire to know what you ought to do under any circumstances, imagine Jesus to be in that position and then think, "What would Jesus do? For what Jesus would do — that ought I to do."

This principle unties the knot of all moral difficulty in the most practical way, and does it so simply that no great wit or wisdom will be needed.

"I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you." John 13:15

"Christ, who suffered for you, is your example. Follow in His steps." 1 Peter 2:21

"Whoever claims to live in Him, must walk as Jesus did." 1 John 2:6