The Bible is like a sealed book!

(George Everard, "Christian Living!" 1881)

"Open my eyes, that I may see wonderful things in your law!" Psalm 119:18

To very many, both learned and unlearned, the Bible is like a sealed book! They see the words, but they do not discern the meaning. Or if they understand something of the meaning, they do not feel its mighty power. It does not convince them of their sin — nor does it help them to know and love the Savior. And why is this? Because the veil is upon their heart.

Reader, be sure you never neglect to pray whenever you take the Bible in your hand. It is only in this way that you will find real profit and comfort in reading it. Pray that you may understand whatever you read.

If you read there of one who committed sin — then pray that the grace of God may preserve you, that you may never fall into the same snare.

If you read of any one who exercised any particular grace, as faith, or repentance, or love, or patience, or obedience — then pray that the Spirit may plant the same grace in your heart.

If you read any solemn warning or threatening — then pray that the curse or punishment spoken of may never light on you.

If you read any gracious promise — then pray that God may make good the promise to you.

If you read anything of Christ, as the Good Shepherd, as the High Priest — then turn in prayer to Him, and ask Him to guide and guard you, to make you and keep you as one of His sheep, to bear your name before the Father, and to intercede on your behalf.

There is no part of Scripture that you cannot in some way turn into prayer
— and the more you do so, the more you will find it like a well of living water. You will never fail to find help and refreshment from it.

Reader, may you learn to prize God's precious Word, and to find it food and drink to your soul. The Bible is the only book that tells us . . .
  about the way of salvation,
  of Christ and His cross,
  of the gift of the Holy Spirit,
  of the new life, and
  the blessed hope of everlasting life.

May it be yours to use the book aright, to meditate therein, and as you read to grow in the knowledge of Christ Jesus your Lord.