Poor Miss Smith — where is she now?

(Mary Winslow, "Words of Loving Counsel and Sympathy")

She entered the train in full expectation of many years of health, wealth, and happiness in this world — and in a few hours was gone forever! Poor Miss Smith — where is she now?

Oh to live for eternity, a glorious eternity! What madness not to be preparing for it. There is nothing on earth so important as to be ready for eternity. Like Miss Smith, you may leave your home in health and in high spirits, in the anticipation of meeting dear friends — and in a few hours be ushered into the presence of the great Judge of Heaven and earth, to be tried at His bar, and acquitted or condemned. But this is a subject ridiculed and slighted by the ungodly.

Try to live on earth, as you expect to live in Heaven. Walk holy and uprightly — just as if the Lord were with you, and in your midst.

I often long to see Jesus — and also Heaven. Heaven is an ocean of love!

Earth is a weary place to me — and Heaven looks very inviting!
To be freed from a body of sin and death,
to be done with the conflict,
to shed no more tears,
to breathe no more sighs,
to have grappled with, and to have overcome the "last enemy,"
to enter into an eternal rest,
to behold Jesus in all His beauty and glory,
to unite my praises with those who are dear to me by nature and by grace,
Oh is not this worth living for, and is it not worth dying for!
O blessed hope of immortality!

A few more steps, and I too am there — a sinner saved by sovereign grace!

I want to have all my thoughts centered on Jesus — He is all and everything to my soul. As I near my home in Heaven, He grows more and more endeared. I feel that Heaven would be no Heaven to me, were He not there.