God's medicine cup!

"Now for a little while, if necessary, you have been grieved by various trials." 1 Peter 1:6

"God measures out affliction according to our need." John Chrysostom

"Prosperity is a sweet poison — and affliction is a healing, though bitter medicine." John Wesley

"Afflictive dispensations, in whatsoever form, are necessary . . .
  for the humbling of our souls;
  for the weaning us from the things of this world;
  for the restraining, subduing, and keeping under our corruptions;
  and for the trial of our grace.
The will of God has appointed all our trials, and therefore, they must be, and ought to be, quietly submitted to, and patiently borne." John Gill

"God's conduct with us is very gentle. With a great deal of moderation, He measures out our sufferings in a due proportion, not to our offences only, but to our strength." Thomas Manton

"Many-sided is the character of our heavenly Father, for, having forgiven as a judge, He then cures as a physician. Our good Physician understands the symptoms of our disease and sees the hidden evil which they reveal, hence our case is safe in His hands. God's medicine cup is not for rebels, but for those whom Jehovah-Rophi loves!" Charles Spurgeon

"The physician's care is to cure the patient's disease — not to please his palate. Just so, God will deal out afflictions to His redeemed people, as the wise physician prescribes medicines to his patients." Matthew Henry

"Afflictions are not always sent as a scourge for sins committed — but sometimes as preventatives from sins. Paul's thorn prevented his pride." John Leland

"God," said a holy man, "can neither trust me with money nor health; therefore I am both poor and afflicted."