The most amazing, most affecting, most melting sight that mortals ever witnessed!

(David Harsha, "Thoughts on the Love of Christ")

In the death of Christ, we behold the most astonishing exhibition of divine love that has ever been manifested to a lost world. Such love as is here displayed, is without a precedent — without a parallel in the annals of time or in the records of eternity.

To behold the Son of God, the Maker of worlds, bowing His head on the cross, and yielding up His immaculate soul amid the agonies of death — is the most amazing, the most affecting, the most melting sight that mortals ever witnessed!

Around the Cross of Christ there shine the most resplendent rays of divine love that ever beamed from the Sun of Righteousness — that ever emanated from the Deity!

O, my soul, look and wonder!

Behold your Savior bleeding on the cross, bleeding from every pore — that your sins might be washed away in the flowing stream!

See Him pouring out His soul unto death, for your salvation! Is not this a manifestation of unparalleled love to you?

Christ's suffering and dying for us is a great mystery — a mystery of unfathomable love!

How vehement was the love of Christ, that led Him to endure death in its most terrible form, even the death of the cross! "Love is as strong as death; the coals thereof are coals of fire, which has a most vehement flame. Many waters cannot quench love; neither can the floods drown it."

Such is the love of Christ!

All the waters of affliction and suffering, all the billows of divine wrath that rolled over our blessed Redeemer — were not sufficient to quench the ardency of that love which He felt for a dying world of sinners!