If that is religion, may God save me from it!

(Archibald Brown, "
The Way of Cain!" 1870)

Perhaps we have in our midst this evening, some godless professors who are actually soul-murderers!

Parents! any godly impressions your child ever had, have been effaced by your godless life. He has seen you in the sanctuary looking like a saint — and he has followed you home and seen you act like a devil. Under the withering influence of your example, his soul has become ten-fold blighted. When asked to come to Jesus, his answer has been your life. You have encased him in an armor of steel from which all the shafts of conviction glance off. Often he has said, pointing to you, "If that is religion, may God save me from it!" O hypocrites, you have dealt him a murderous blow!

Surely he will fall deepest into Hell, who drags others with him!