A continual supply of grace, comfort, and strength

An infinite debtor

(William Mason, "The One Thing Needful to Make Poor Sinners Rich, and Miserable Sinners Happy")

I think I feel myself such an infinite debtor to my Lord, for . . .
  His matchless love,
  His rich grace, and
  His glorious salvation,
that I would never stop testifying of Him to my fellow sinners, while . . .
  my heart can beat,
  my tongue can speak,
  or my hand can write.

The design of my writings is to stir up and quicken the Lord's children in the way of . . .
  greater trust in Christ,
  more intense looking to Christ,
  greater dependence upon Him,
  and more consistent abiding in Him
 — so that they may . . .
  enjoy more sweet fellowship with Him,
  find more of the His inestimable preciousness,
  and experience more of His wonderful love, which surpasses knowledge.

By thus cleaving, in heart and affection, to our heavenly Bridegroom, we shall be . . .
  more spiritual in our frame of mind,
  more humble in our hearts,
  more circumspect in our walk,
  more heavenly in our conversation,
  and more holy in our lives.
Hence we shall become more dead . . .
  to the world and its vanities,
  to sin and its miseries, and
  to self-righteousness and its deceits.

All is not right between Christ and the soul — if it is not earnestly desiring to maintain continuous, holy fellowship with Him — studiously pursuing those means which tend to promote the life and power of practical, experimental godliness, and avoiding all things which are contrary to His precious Word.