He asks for every niche and cranny of my soul!

(Alexander Smellie, "The Secret Place" 1907)

"Only fear the Lord, and serve Him in truth with all your heart; for consider what great things He has done for you!" 1 Samuel 12:24

Here is a simple RULE: "Only fear the Lord."
It gathers in my wandering thoughts and desires. It reduces the thousand schemes and interests of my life, to singleness and unity. It writes the briefest and the most hallowing inscription over all my days and nights. It brings everything to one sure touchstone.

If I reverence and worship God,
if I love Christ Who first loved me,
if I cherish and obey His Holy Word —
then nothing more is demanded of me.

Here is a principle which will conduct me infallibly and securely through the difficulties and perplexities which now environ me — to the Celestial City!

Here is a penetrating TEST also: "And serve Him in truth with all your heart."
Does it not probe deep? Does it not flash a searching light into the secret crevices of my heart? My Sovereign will not be satisfied with fair professions, and lovely words, and external obediences. He comes to reign within my heart. He puts my most hidden feelings, my secret purposes and intentions — into His unerring scales! He asks for every niche and cranny of my soul!

Here is an appropriate PLEA also: "Consider what great things He has done for you!"
There is nothing good in my daily life — but has come by His blessing and gift. There is no deliverance from danger, no sudden incoming of joy, no softening and mellowing and sanctifying through trial — which He did not devise and send. "Minutes come quick — but God's mercies are more fleet and free than they!"

And then the unmeasurable marvel of His best treasure — Christ and His wondrous salvation! The Son of God gave Himself for me! Jesus never fails me, and never forsakes me. He will perfect that which concerns me. Does not love so amazing deserve my all? Shall I not be a willing captive to a Lover so gracious, so patient, so persevering, so victorious?

Rule, and test, and plea — together they constitute the blessed life!