These smaller trials which God prepares for us

(Hannah More, "Practical Piety")

We must trace the hand of our Heavenly Father in those daily little disappointments, the hourly vexations which occur even in the most prosperous circumstances, and which are inseparable from the condition of sinful humanity.

We must trace that same beneficent hand, secretly at work for our purification and our correction . . .
 in  the imperfections and unpleasantness of those around us,
 in the peevishness of those with whom we transact business, and
 in those interruptions which break in upon our favorite engagements.

We are perhaps too much addicted to our innocent delights, or we are too fond of our leisure. A check then becomes necessary, but it is given in a most imperceptible way. The divine hand that gives it is unseen, is unsuspected — yet it is the same gracious hand which directs the more important events of life!

Some annoying interruption breaks in on our projected privacy, and calls us to a sacrifice of our inclination — to a renunciation of our own will.

Let us cheerfully bear and diligently receive these smaller trials which God prepares for us

Submission .  . .
  to a cross which He inflicts,
  to a disappointment which He sends,
  to a contradiction of our self love which He appoints —
is a far better exercise than great penances of our own choosing.

Perpetual conquests over impatience, ill-temper and self-will, indicate a better spirit than any self-imposed mortifications.

By these incessant tests of our temper, God cultivates the more difficult virtues of . . .
   and patience.

"Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble." 1 Peter 3:8