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I shall sin no more!
James Smith, uplifting
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The application may be made to all departments of life

J.R. Miller, "Evening Thoughts" 1907)

"What are you doing more than others?"
Matthew 5:47

It is not enough for us to be as good as others. We are not to take any other person as our model, or anyone's life as our standard. The only model life is Jesus Christ's! He came to show us how to live.

It is not enough either for Christian people to live just as well as unbelievers live. Anybody may be kind to those they like--the Christian must be kind to people he does not like!
What are you doing more than others--when you are only kind to those who are kind to you?

The application may be made to all departments of life.
The Christian carpenter should do better carpentering than the man who is not a Christian.
Christian plumber should do more careful and conscientious plumbing than the plumber who does not love Christ.
The Christian businessman should do business more honestly than the businessman who does not know Christ.
The Christian home should be sweeter, kindlier, happier in every way--than the home where Christ is not a guest.

Always the question comes to us, "What are you doing more than others?"

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