Death will be gain indeed!

(Alexander Smellie, "The Hour of Silence" 1899)

"For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain!" Philippians 1:21

Death will not be gain to me — unless my life is lived for Christ!

It must be my passion to know Christ.
Every day I ought to learn a little more of Him and His truths. Every day I ought to become somewhat more conversant with His will. In His school, it is impossible for me ever to finish my education, for . . .
  there is so much to learn,
  there are such mysteries to master,
  there are such heights to scale!

It must be my ambition to follow Christ.
Jesus going about doing good in the Galilean fields;
Jesus praying on the cold mountains;
Jesus bowing to the Father's will in the garden and on the cross —
He is to be my Pattern, my Model, whom I set deliberately before me!

It must be my joy to speak with Christ. I should always be lifting up my heart to Him. I should keep telling Him . . .
  my every thought,
  my every desire,
  my every need,
  my every problem,
  my every misgiving and fear.
Between friends so close and true — there must be no reservations, no secrets.

It must be my longing to serve Christ. Though I cannot do it in a conspicuous sphere — yet, up to the farthest verge and limit of my ability, I will labor for Him. And I rejoice to remember that mere show and public ministry count for nothing with Him — the humble and loving heart is everything!

And then, and then, death will be gain indeed! Then, when He calls me home — I shall go to Him with the gladness of a boy bounding home from school!