If anything can render us happy, this should!

(James Smith, "The Pleading Savior" 1861)

"All Mine are Yours — and Yours are Mine!" John 17:10

If the Father and the Son have an equal and eternal interest in us — then we are safe, and we should be happy!

SAFE! Yes! Will God part with the objects of His highest love? Never!
Will Jesus surrender the purchase of His own heart's blood? Never!

HAPPY! Yes; if anything can render us happy, this should:
  that we are God's choice — and the Savior's purchase;
  that the Father and the Son jointly claim us, and highly value us!

When we devote all that we have to God — then we may look up and claim all we need from God. Let us, then, . . .
  make over all to God,
  put all into the hands of God,
  consecrate our all to the service of God;
then we can sustain no losses — nor need we be agitated by any fears!

Precious Savior, I am Yours! You have redeemed me with Your most precious blood! Give me grace, that, realizing my obligation to You, and being fired with Your love — I may evermore make Your glory the grand end of my existence! May I live for You — and for You alone. May I seek to honor You above everything!
  In every thought I think,
  in every word I speak,
  in every feeling I indulge,
  in every action I perform —
may I endeavor to glorify Your thrice blessed name!