Yes, and worse than a dog!

(Thomas Watson)

Christian, you cannot believe that evil which is in your heart, and which will break forth suddenly — if God should leave you!

"You will burn their strongholds, slay their young men with the sword, dash their infants in pieces, and rip up their pregnant women. And Hazael answered: What is your servant, only a dog, that he should do this monstrous thing!" (2 Kings 8).

Hazael could not believe he had such evil in his heart, that he should rip up women with child. Is your servant a dog? Yes, and worse than a dog — when that corruption within is stirred up!

If one had come to Peter and said, "Peter, within a few hours you will deny Christ," he would have said, "Is your servant a dog, that he should do such a monstrous thing?" But alas! Peter did not know his own heart, nor how far that corruption within would prevail upon him!

The sea may be calm and look clear; but when the wind blows — how it rages and foams! Just so, though now your heart seems good, yet, when temptation blows — how may sin reveal itself, making you foam with lust and passion! Who would have thought to have found . . .
  adultery in David,
  drunkenness in Noah,
  and cursing in Job?

If God leaves a man to himself — how suddenly and scandalously may sin break forth in the holiest men on the earth!

"Hold me up — and I shall be safe!" Psalm 119:117