If Jesus is not God

(George Mylne, "Reposing in Jesus: Or, The True Secret of Grace and Strength" 1862)

It is of great importance that we should practically know Jesus as He is — that we should be able to repose on Him in all the reality of His divine nature.

If Jesus is God — then I must repose on Him as God; and this, not merely for the correctness of my beliefs — but for the strengthening of my faith, and for the encouragement of my soul in all the varieties of its experience and warfare.

If Jesus is not God — then He could not have loved me from everlasting — and I then have no warrant that He either can, or will, love me forever.

If Jesus is not God — then He has neither rendered an infinite obedience, nor made a perfect atonement for sins, on my behalf.

If Jesus is not God — then my faith is vain, and I am yet in my sins.

If Jesus is not God — then I cannot look to Him for unfailing guidance, wisdom or power.

If Jesus is not God — then His grace is not sufficient for me — nor is His strength made perfect in my weakness.

But my repose is this, that Jesus is God — that "in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily" — and that "From the fullness of His grace, I have received one gracious blessing after another!"