They cannot leave the lap of Delilah!

(Joseph Alleine, "Alarm to the Unconverted!" 1671)

The unsound convert takes Christ by halves. He is all for the salvation of Christ — but he is not for sanctification. He divides the offices and benefits of Christ. Hypocrites do not love the Lord Jesus in sincerity. They will not have Him as God offers, "to be a Prince and a Savior" (Acts 5:31).

They divide what God has joined, the King who rules — and the Priest who saves.
They desire salvation from suffering — but they do not desire to be saved from sinning.
They would have their souls saved — but still would have their lusts.
They would be content to have some of their sins destroyed — but they cannot leave the lap of Delilah, or divorce the beloved Herodias.
They cannot be cruel to the right eye or right hand.

The sound convert takes a whole Christ, and takes Him for all intents and purposes, without exceptions, without limitations, without reserve. He is willing to have Christ upon any terms. He is willing to have the dominion of Christ — as well as deliverance by Christ. He says with Paul, "Lord, what will you have me to do?" Anything, Lord! He gives Christ the blank page — to write down His own conditions.