Heterodox in life

(Charles Spurgeon)

As precious liquors are best kept in clean vessels — so sound doctrine is best kept in a pure heart and life. Who, indeed, would knowingly pour a choice wine into a tainted cask? It would be foolish to do so.

When we hear of men living in sin, and yet claiming to be children of God — we are disgusted with their pretenses, but we are not deceived by their professions.

In the same manner, we care little for those who are orthodox Christians in creed — if it is clear that they are heterodox in life. He who believes the truth — should himself be true. How can we expect others to receive our religion — if it leaves us foul, false, malicious, and selfish?

We sicken at the sight of a dirty dish, and refuse even good food when it is placed thereon. So pure and holy is the doctrine of the cross, that . . .
  he who hears it aright, will have his ears cleansed,
  he who believes it aright, will have his heart purged, and
  he who preaches it aright, will have his tongue purified.
Woe unto that man who brings reproach upon the gospel — by an unholy life!

Lord, evermore make us pure vessels fit for Your own use, and then fill us with the pure wine of the grapes of sound doctrine and wholesome instruction. Do not allow us to be such "foul cups" — as to be only fit for the wine of Sodom!

"For the grace of God . . . teaches us to deny ungodliness and worldly desires — and to live sensibly, righteously and godly in the present age" Titus 2:12