There is nothing here, but a bit of glass

(J.R. Miller)

One of the most wonderful diamonds in the world is the 'Mountain of Light'. It now belongs to England, but originally came from India. The gem was put into the hands of Lord John Lawrence for safe keeping. Half unconsciously, Lord John thrust the diamond, which lay in a little box, into his waistcoat pocket. Burdened with many cares, he forgot all about the precious stone.

Six months afterward, a message came from the Queen ordering that the great jewel be sent to her at once. Then Lord John remembered that the gem had been given to him — and also his carelessness. Summoning his servant, he asked him if he had found a little parcel some months before, in one of his pockets. With great anxiety Lord John awaited the man's answer, "Yes, Sir, I found it and put it in one of your dressers." Lord John bade him to bring it, and the servant brought the little box. Fold after fold of wrappings were removed, and there lay the wondrous diamond shining like the sun.
The old servant was utterly unconscious of the immense treasure he held in his hands. "There is nothing here, but a bit of glass," he said. Then Lord John told him of its value, and most carefully was the gem guarded, until the Queen herself laid it among the jewels of her crown.
There is in the possession of each one of us, a far more precious and costly gem than the 'Mountain of Light'. What are we doing with our soul? Are we treating it as if it were of no value? Are we, like Lord John, wrapping it up in the folds of neglect and overlooking it altogether, while we are busy with other things?

"For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his soul?" Mark 8:36