They only think of amusements and entertainments

(J.R. Miller)

Some people seem never to have any serious thoughts of life. They only think of amusements and entertainments, and never get beyond the airy surface of things. But to one who thinks deeply, life is not all a round of selfish and empty pleasures.

A traveler who tarried several days at Antwerp, describes the effect which the bells in the great tower had upon him. Every quarter hour they rang out on the air their sweet notes, in soft melody, which fell like a delicious rain of music dropping from the heavens, as tender and holy as the song of angels. Then at the full hour, amid their shower of liquid notes of silver--rang out the solemn strokes of the great bell, with iron tongue, deep and heavy; and these heavy tones inspired him with a feeling of awe.

As he listened, hour after hour, to the chime--the tender melody of the smaller, sweeter bells reminded him of the mercy and love of God; and the solemn undertones that broke on his ear at the end of each full hour, spoke of the solemn themes of justice, judgment, eternity.
So it is, that every thoughtful person is impressed in reading the Scriptures. Their usual tone is mercy. Love rings everywhere, like the notes of angels' songs. But here and there, amid the words of divine tenderness--comes some deep note, telling of justice, of wrath against sin, of the dreadful judgment day.

It is the same in life. The flow of the common days, is gladness. There is music everywhere. Flowers' bloom. Love lights its lamp in our path. Then suddenly there breaks in, amid the merry laughter--a deep and solemn tone, which fills us with awe.

Life is not all gaiety. Even now, its undertone is serious. We should be thoughtful. Eternity lies close to time. The momentous things of judgment, are hidden only by a thin veil of mist.

"It is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment!" Hebrews 9:27

"Prepare to meet your God!" Amos 4:12