All my sins and slips!

(James Smith's autobiography, "Marvelous Mercy!" 1862)

I found that sin always wounded my conscience, and caused me much trouble of soul; nor could I again obtain peace, or enjoy comfort — but as I looked afresh to the blood of Jesus, and felt its cleansing efficacy within.

I have generally found that all my sins and slips began in the prayer-closet; when I grew cold or lukewarm there — Satan was allowed to attack me, and he generally in some degree, gained the ascendency over me.

Never could I, never can I, be glad that I have sinned. Yet the grace of God, taking advantage of my weakness and folly — has wrought sweetly in my soul afterwards. And blessed, forever blessed, be the name of my Lord and Savior — He has sanctified my sins to me, for my real benefit!

1. My sins have made me fly unto Him afresh, as into a strong tower, in which the righteous are safe at all times.

2. My sins have brought me to feel my own weakness, and to see the desperate wickedness of my heart — in a way and manner which otherwise I could not.

3. My sins have revealed to me the fallacy and folly of trusting in my own heart at all.

4.My sins have made me more cautious, and kept me crying to Him for strength against temptation.

5. My sins have given me an opportunity sweetly and powerfully to prove the efficacy of the blood of Christ to cleanse from all pollution.