Death will soon lay his long icy fingers upon me!

The following is an excerpt from the diary of James Smith, 1862)

Time flies with rapid wing! Eternity, with all its solemnities approaches! My soul, are you ready? Are you willing to launch away?

I realize more than ever that my time below is growing short; that death will soon lay his long icy fingers upon me, and take me away. May my latter days be . . .
  crowned with peace,
  characterized by holiness, and
  honored with extensive usefulness
 — this is all my desire.

Another week has run into eternity, and here I am, left on the sands of time, with opportunities to do good, and get good for my own soul. May . . .
  my poor dull mind be enlightened,
  my hard heart be softened, and
  my irregular life be made to accord exactly with the holy Word of God.

I want to be as holy as Jesus is holy; and to be employing all my powers in God's service. Every moment, I would give to the Lord. I am hastening to Heaven — and there all my powers, faculties, and talents will be employed for God forever!

Nothing but the presence, power, and work of the Holy Spirit, will make me what I ought to be; or produce the change I wish to see.

O for entire consecration to God!

My life and all my abilities, I have consecrated to Your service and praise. I wish to live only for You on earth — and to spend eternity with You in Heaven!

I do solemnly, and deliberately, with my whole heart, give up myself to You — body, soul, and spirit.
Every talent I consecrate to Your service;
every day I would spend in Your work;
in every action I would seek Your glory.
Lord, take me more sensibly and evidently than ever into Your own hand, and give me grace in greater measure than I have ever received it — that I may . . .
  become more like You,
  do more for You, and
  bring more glory and honor to You. Amen.