When others were at their amusements

(Thomas Watson, "The Lord's Prayer")

The more pains we have taken for Heaven — the
sweeter Heaven will be when we come there.
When a farmer has long been working hard — it
is pleasant to enjoy the fruit his labors. Just so,
when in Heaven, we shall remember our former
zeal and earnestness for the kingdom — which
will sweeten Heaven.

It will add to the joy of heaven, for a Christian to
ponder, "Such a day I spent in examining my heart.
Such a day I was weeping for sin. When others
were at their amusements
— I was at prayer.
And now, have I lost anything by my devotion? No!
My tears are wiped away, and the wine of paradise
cheers my heart. I now enjoy Him whom my soul
loves! I am possessed of a glorious kingdom! My
labor is over — but my joy remains forever!"

"Better is one day in Your courts than a
 thousand elsewhere!" Psalm 84:10

Heaven will make amends for all!