Ascertain what kind of a Heaven a man desires

(James Smith, "The Wondrous Love of Christ as Displayed in His Intercessory Prayer!" 1861)

"Father, I want those you have given Me to be with Me where I am, and to see My glory, the glory You have given Me because You loved Me before the creation of the world." John 17:24

Our eternal happiness will consist in our seeing, enjoying, and being like Christ. We have no conception of Heaven beyond this. We desire no Heaven but this.

May I but see my Savior in His glory,
may I but enjoy His presence and His love,
and may I but be like Him — and I have enough!
Anywhere with Christ — I shall be happy.
Anything with Christ — I shall enjoy.
Let me but be with my Savior — and I ask, I desire no more!

Ascertain what kind of a Heaven a man desires — and you will know what a man is. A sensualist will desire a sensual Heaven. Health, wealth, and freedom to enjoy himself — will satisfy a natural man.

Not so with the soul that is born again. He pants for the spiritual, the pure, the glorious. If, therefore, we sigh for holiness — if we desire above all things to see Jesus, be with Jesus, and be like Jesus — we are unquestionably among the number of those for whom He prayed; and we shall be with Him, where He is, to behold His glory.

O Savior, let me in solemn silence, muse on Your wondrous love, and adore Your glorious grace! O Jesus, it is my heart's desire that You should be with me — unfolding Your glory to me, and satisfying my soul with Your presence. O visit me, visit me daily; or rather, come and dwell with me, that I may fix and feast my eye and heart upon You evermore! I desire to be wholly taken up with You, until I am ravished with Your love!