Ah, the sharpest thorns are unseen by mortal eyes!

(The following in an excerpt from the diary of James Smith)

 "Oh, what wretched man I am! Who will free me from this life that is dominated by sin and death!" Romans 7:24

My journey lies along a thorny road — and yet few see the thorns but myself! Ah, the sharpest thorns are unseen by mortal eyes!

God knows, that I do wish, and long, and pray, and strive — to be what His Word requires me to be. But I am continually baffled, frustrated in my designs, and beaten back! And if at any time, I seem to feel that I am progressing, and yield myself unto God — I am sure to be overtaken with some trial, and am made to feel my own weakness and vileness more than ever!

The carnal desires of the flesh work — and often very powerfully. Old sinful propensities, which appeared to be subdued, if not destroyed — revive and appear as lively as ever!

I revive — and then sink down into the same carnal state again! I turn forwards — and then backwards, without progress or improvement.

What a mercy that grace is free, and that salvation is wholly of grace! Upon this principle, I will arrive at Heaven, but on no other. May I be privileged to stand among God's little ones before His throne, and eternally lift up my voice in honor of His precious name!