A heaven of comfort in this world of sorrow!

William Mason, "A Spiritual Treasury for the Children of God")

You worldlings disdain us — but we pity you!

As you are now — so once were we.

Far too long — we enjoyed your carnal gratifications, and feasted on your vain delights. We confess it — and grieve for it. Now we have found Jesus! We have another and a better life. We have divine pleasures, spiritual joys from Christ, and sweet communion with Him! We anxiously wait for future glory. We enjoy a heaven of comfort, in this world of sorrow!

He who walks most by faith, will be the happiest, and most comfortable Christian. He who lives nearest to Christ in faith — will follow Him closest in love. Consequently, he will keep at the greatest distance from the world's vain pleasures, and the carnal delights of the flesh.