The one startling monosyllable which rings all day long!

(William Bacon Stevens, "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made!")

Why do we die?

Paul answers, "Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin; and in this way death came to all men — because all sinned!" Romans 5:12

Death, then, wherever we meet it, is the result of sin! And its sepulchral voice ever repeats, "Man has sinned!"

Every funeral knell — tolls the word sin.

Every stroke of the hammer that drives a nail into the coffin — strikes the sharp quick word sin.

Every passing hearse — rattles the word sin.

Every stroke of the chisel upon the gravestone — clicks the word sin.

Every burial service — tells of sin.

Sin is the one startling monosyllable which rings all day long, and all night long — like the cricket's monotone from every graveyard!

Sin is the one syllable — which the great sea ever moans forth from its charnel depths!

Sin is the one fearful cry — which dwells on the bloodless lips of the pestilence!

Sin is the one appalling shriek — which rings louder than the cannon's roar on the field of blood!

There is not a day, nor an hour, nor a minute, nor a second of time — when Death as he hurls his dart into some victim's heart, does not shout the word, which tells the whole story of himself and his deeds — and that one word is "SIN!"