All glittering glow-worm glories

(Anne Dutton's Letters on Spiritual Subjects)

"When any Israelite or any alien living in Israel separates himself from Me and sets up idols in his heart . . ." Ezekiel 14:7

As to our heart-idolatry, it is a very great iniquity of which the Lord's own people are deeply guilty.

Let us bring our every idol unto Him to be entirely slain — so shall our hearts be separated from them, and our admiration of, and sinful affection to, all glittering glow-worm glories sink and die before the rising attracting display of His all-transcendent and infinite excellencies.

"O Israel, stay away from idols! I am the one who looks after you and cares for you." Hosea 14:8

"Little children, keep yourselves from idols!" 1 John 5:21