The worldling's ease — but the godly man's end

(Thomas Sherman, "Divine Breathings; Or, a Pious Soul Thirsting after Christ")

All men desire happiness for their end — but few will have holiness for their way.

All men desire the kingdom of Heaven, and the glory thereof — but few seek the kingdom of Heaven, and the righteousness thereof.

A nobleman being asked whether he would rather be a godly Christian — or worldly pleasure seeker, answered, "I had rather live like the latter — and die like the former!" So most men had rather live like Balaam — but "die the death of the righteous!" They wish to have the worldling's ease — but the godly man's end.

But this is certain, no man shall go to God in death — unless he draws near to God in life. If the kingdom of God is not first in us — we shall never enter into the kingdom of God. None shall enter Heaven hereafter — but those who walk in Heaven here on earth.

None shall enter the gates of felicity — but those who tread the narrow paths of piety!

Lord! make me holy — as well as happy, that I may desire to glorify You, as well as to be glorified by You.