A new year

(Arthur Pink)

"Go forward!" Exodus 14:15

Is not this a timely word for each of us as we enter into, and journey through, a new year?

We need to clearly realize that there is no such thing as remaining stationary in the spiritual life. If we do not progress — we inevitably retrograde. How that solemn fact should search our hearts!

Christian friend, your history this year will be either one of going forward — or backsliding. This new year will mark either an increased fruitfulness in your soul and life, to the glory of Him whose name you bear — or increased leanness and barrenness, to His reproach. It will witness either a growing in grace — or a decline in your spirituality. It will record either an increased love for the Word, use of the Throne of Grace, strictness of walk and closer communion with Christ — or a growing coldness and a following of Him afar off!

"Go forward!" Exodus 14:15