The study of Prophecy

(Mary Winslow, "Heaven Opened")

As to the subject of the study of Prophecy, I would remark that, we should keep in mind the truth that "the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy;" and that the prophecies should be studied with a view of knowing more of Him; His personal glory, salvation, and kingdom. There is great danger of being led away from the 'spirit of prophecy.'

The writings of the prophets would possess no meaning, charm, or attraction did they not all testify of Jesus. "Of Him give all the prophets witness." They . . .
    predict His advent,
    describe His death,
    foretell His triumph, and
    portray His kingdom and glory.

The suffering and victorious Messiah is the central object of their magnificent picture!

In the study of the prophets there is great danger of being carried away with some favorite prophetical scheme which, perhaps, we rather bring to, than take from, their inspired writings. And this is allowed a too absorbing study and attention, to the exclusion of more vital and momentous subjects.

May we not be liable to lose, in a too exclusive and engrossing study of the prophetical writings, much of that lowliness of mind, close intimacy with the progress of the kingdom of God within us, and communion with God Himself, which constitute the life and spirit of experimental religion?