Another mark of growth in grace

(J.C. Ryle, "Growth in Grace" 1879)

Another mark of growth in grace, is increased spirituality of taste and mind. The man whose soul is growing, takes more interest in spiritual things every year.

He does not neglect his duty in the world. He discharges faithfully, diligently and conscientiously — every relation of life, whether at home or abroad. But the things he loves best, are spiritual things.

The amusements and recreations of the world, have a continually decreasing place in his heart. He does not condemn them as downright sinful — he only feels that they have a constantly diminishing hold on his own affections — and gradually seem smaller and more trifling in his eyes. Spiritual companions, spiritual occupations, spiritual conversation — are of ever-increasing value to him. Would anyone know if he is growing in grace? Then let him look within for increasing spirituality of taste.