Theological systems

(Frederick Whitfield, "Christ in the Word" 1869)

"I want to know Christ!" Philippians 3:10

Christianity is not merely a "theological system" — but a person.

It is not only a redemption — but a Redeemer.

What a difference between casting ourselves upon a system, however beautiful — and upon a tender, loving, compassionate Savior!

What a difference between a system of divine principles — and a throbbing bosom on which we may lean, and feel . . .
  every burden lightened,
  every pressure relieved,
  every sorrow softened!

This is what man needs. This is what he will need above everything, when the hour of sorrow, or the hour of death, draws near. Oh, what are systems then, however beautiful — in comparison with the calm consciousness that the arm of Omnipotent Love is thrown around us!

Theological systems
are all but as the small dust of the balance — the foam, the dust, the shadow, the air!

"I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear — but now my eye sees You!" Job 42:5