The sweetest and most sacred spot on earth!

(Charles Orr, "Christianity in Home Life")

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Nowhere is Christianity more beautifully displayed, than in the home. It changes the home of wickedness, strife, and contention—into a peaceful and delightful Eden. It converts the home of the wicked—into a palace. It drives away discontentment, uneasiness, fear, and darkness—and showers contentment, peace, and sunlight into every heart.

Christianity in home life—makes all . . .
love and kindness between brothers and sisters;
love and dutifulness between parents and children;
love, peace, harmony, honesty, and faithfulness between husband and wife.

Christianity makes a home, a Heaven! A Christian home where all is love and tenderness and devotion, is the sweetest and most sacred spot on earth! A home where Christianity is crowned a queen in every heart, is an Eden. The heart of God is filled with delight as He looks down upon such a home! His presence dwells there, and causes this home to be a beautiful oasis in this wilderness world of sin.

Alas, that such homes are so few! Sin destroys the happiness of man and makes many a home—a hotbed of contention, strife, and confusion!

When the husband and wife are kind, loving, and gentle toward each other; when she in her weakness feels her dependence upon him, and lovingly, trustingly looks unto him as her defense; and he in his strength and delight enfolds her in his strong arms of protection with a feeling of responsibility to nourish and cherish her—then they can testify that they have a Heaven in their home!

Unless we have attained unto such a life—we have not attained to Bible Christianity, nor to domestic joy and happiness.