Sleeping sickness

(Arthur Pink "Sleepy Saints!" 1948)

"So then, we must not sleep, like the rest — but we must stay awake and be serious!" 1 Thessalonians 5:6

What an anomaly! Drowsing on the verge of eternity!

A Christian is one who, in contrast to the unregenerate, has been awakened from the sleep of death in trespasses and sins, made to realize the unspeakable awfulness of endless misery in Hell, and the ineffable joy of everlasting bliss in Heaven; and thereby brought to recognize the seriousness and solemnity of life! A Christian is one who has been experientially taught the worthlessness of mundane things — and the preciousness of divine things! He has turned his back on Vanity Fair and has started out on his journey to the Celestial City.

Nevertheless, it is sadly possible . . .
  for him to suffer a relapse,
  for his zeal to abate,
  for his graces to languish,
  for him to leave his first love, and
  become weary of well-doing.
Yes, unless he is very much on his guard, drowsiness will steal over him — and he will fall asleep!

Corruptions still indwell him — and sin has a stupefying effect!
He is yet in this evil world — and it exerts an enervating influence!
Satan seeks to devour him, and unless resisted steadfastly — will hypnotize him!
Thus, the menace of this spiritual "sleeping sickness" is very real.

Slumbering saints! What an incongruity!
Taking their ease, while threatened by danger!
Lazing, instead of fighting the good fight of faith!
Rusting, instead of wearing out in His service!

Trifling away opportunities to glorify their Savior, instead of redeeming the time!

How startling and reprehensible is a careless Christian, who has departed from God, bewitched by a world which is doomed to eternal destruction!

"It is high time to awake out of sleep!" Romans 13:11