Our sins forged the nails!

(James Smith, "The Grave of Jesus" 1861)

"When they came to the place called the Skull, there they crucified Him." Luke 23:33

What brought Him there?
It was our sins — and His own infinite love.
Our sins alone could not — for He was not involved in them.
His love alone could not — for as innocent, He could not die.
But out of His pure, infinite, and eternal love — He became answerable for our sins. He engaged to bear them, atone for them, and remove them forever!

"He died for our sins."
He suffered — because we had sinned,
He died — because we deserved to die, and
He lay in the grave for a time — that we may not lie in hell forever!

Our sins . . .
  forged the
nails that fastened Him to the tree,
  planted the thorns that pierced His brow, and
  sharpened the spear that was thrust into His heart!

O what an evil must sin be — to bring the Son of God into such a state of suffering and humiliation!

O what love must the love of Jesus be — that induced Him to take our place, and suffer and die in our stead!