Baptized Infants!

(Charles Spurgeon)

Little do our friends know how much mischief they do by teaching infant baptism. I believe it to be the root and pillar of Popery!

It is an invention of man, against which Christians ought to protest every day, because infant sprinkling is a practical denial of the need of personal godliness.

It puts into the Church — those who are not in the Church.

It gives religious rites — to the unconverted.

It teaches men that because their mothers and fathers were good people, therefore these baptized infants are Christians; whereas they are not! They are heathens, and as much heathens as if they were born amidst the Hottentot’s kraals! They are in the gall of bitterness and in the bonds of iniquity, notwithstanding all their parents’ excellence.

To give Christian ordinances to unconverted persons — is to pervert the testimony of God’s Church.