It is not easy to be a man!

(J. R. Miller, "
The Manliness of Jesus")

Christ is more than a teacher. A teacher shows us lofty qualities and attainments and then leaves us in hopeless weakness in the dust. But Christ is Helper, Friend, Savior as well as Teacher. He shows us what true manliness is and then comes into our life and inspires us to strive after the things which He commends; and then breathes His life into us to help us to be what He teaches us to be.

It is not easy to be a man a true, noble, Christlike man. It means continual struggle, for enemies of manliness meet us at every step! Every inch of the way must be won in battle. It means constant restraint and repression of sin for the 'old man' in us must be subdued and kept under control. It means constant, painful discipline for the powers of nature are evil and unruly, and hard to tame and control. It means unending toil and self-denial for we must climb ever upward, and the way is steep and rugged, and SELF must be trampled to death under our feet as we rise to higher life! It is hard to be a true man for all the odds seem against us. But Christ lives, and He is Helper, Friend, and Guide to every man who truly receives Him as Lord and Master.