He will not do it!

(J. R. Miller, "Miller's Year Book a Year's Daily Readings")

"Cast your burden upon the Lord and He shall sustain you!" Psalm 55:22

There are some mistaken notions current concerning the way in which God would help us. People think that whenever they have a little trouble, a bit of hard path to go over, a load to carry, a sorrow to endure that all they have to do is to call upon God, and He will at once take away their sorrow, or free them from the trouble. But this is not the way that God helps us! His purpose of love concerning us is not to make all things easy for us but to make something of us!

When we ask God to save us from our trouble, to take the struggles out of our life, to make the paths mossy, to lift off every heavy load He will not do it! It would be most unloving in Him to accommodate us. We must carry the burden ourselves! All God promises is, to sustain us as we carry it! He wants us to learn life's lessons, and to do this we must be left to work out the problems for ourselves.

There are rich blessings which can be gotten only in sorrow. It would be short-sighted love indeed which would heed our cries, and spare us from sorrow and thus deprive us of the wonderful blessings which can be gotten only in sorrow! God is too good to us to answer our prayers which would save us from pain, cost, and sacrifice today at the price of holier, better, truer life in the end. He would not rob us of the blessing that is in the burden which we can get only by carrying it!