The Friend of His people in distress!

(James Smith)

"You have known my soul in adversities!" Psalm 31:7

Prosperity makes friendsóbut adversity tries them.
Many will visit and smile upon usówhen the sun shines.
Few will venture out to do us goodóin the wintry or stormy day!

David had been in adversity; he had been forsaken and neglected by his friendsóbut not by his God! His God . . .
  knew him,
  and visited him,
  and cared for him,
  and sympathized with him,
  and supplied him,
  and at length delivered him.

This honor have all His saints! We have been in adversity, we have passed through a wilderness; but our God has . . .
  led us,
  and fed us,
  and preserved us,
  and brought us out into a wealthy place.

We can witness for Him in reference to the past; and we ought calmly, quietly, and confidently to trust Him for the future. He has pledged His Word that He will deliver us in six troubles, and that in seven no evil shall touch us; and He who has promised is faithful.

He is emphatically, the Friend of His people in distress!

In our greatest trialsóHe will manifest His richest grace!