It would soon oppose us with a deadly hatred!

(James Smith, "
Grace for the Humble" 1859)

"All who will live godly in Christ Jesus—shall suffer persecution!" 2 Timothy 3:12

The enmity of the world against God is as great as ever. It may be concealed—but it is not destroyed.

The world will oppose the godly man.
If we were more godlike—it would . . .
  hate us more,
  oppose us more,
  and persecute us more!

We have little persecution from the world, because there is so little in us to awaken persecution.
Our light is so dim.
Our salt has lost so much of its savor.
Our approximation to the world is so great.
If instead of being conformed to the world—we were transformed by the renewing of our minds; if instead of getting as near to it as we can—we were to stand afar off from its pleasures, amusements, fashions, and spirit; if our lives were a daily testimony against it, and against its works as evil—it would soon oppose us with a deadly hatred!