There is a 'buoyancy' in the cross

(James Smith, "Cling to the Cross!" 1857)

Cling to the cross—though your sins rise up before you . . .
  like mountains for their size;
  like the sands on the sea shore for their number;
  and glowing like scarlet and crimson, in color!

For no sins, however great, or however numerous—should tempt us to despond, or to let go of our hold on the cross—seeing the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses from ALL sin.

There is a 'buoyancy' in the cross—which will never let anyone sink, who clings to it!

If our sins were as ponderous as the globe, or as numerous as all the particles of created matter—yet embracing the cross of Jesus—they are all forgiven, and forgiven forever!

They are all blotted out—like the dark clouds, which obscured the sun for a little while on the summer's morning!

They are all blotted out—like a stone cast from an angel's hand into the depths of ocean!

They are all forgiven and forgotten forever!

Cling to the cross!