You are on the road to eternity!

(Thomas Boston, "Death")

"For I know that You will bring me to death, and  to the house appointed for all living." Job 30:23

If you are in Christ, you may well bear your trials.

Death will put an end to all your troubles!

If a man on a journey is not well accommodated, where he lodges only for a night—he will not trouble himself much about the matter; because he is not to stay there, it is not his home.

You are on the road to eternity!

Let it not distress you that you meet with some hardships in the 'inn of this world'.

Fret not, because it is not so well with you as with some others. One man travels with an expensive polished cane in his hand; his fellow traveler, perhaps, has but a common staff or stick: either of them will serve the turn. It is no great matter which of them is yours; both will be laid aside when you come to your journey's end.