"Regeneration is a change wrought by the power of the Holy Spirit, in the understanding, will and affections of a sinner; which is the commencement of a new kind of life, and which gives another direction to his judgment, desires, pursuits, and conduct."

The knock!

The new birth

The difference between the godly & the ungodly

A new impulse — a nobler bent

Allured by the magnetic power of His love!

I am not what I once used to be!

The imperativeness of the new birth

Idling life away like an idiot or a madman

A new existence

It is radical, revolutionary, lasting

There was a time

Oh, how changed a man is he now!

Poor, naked, penniless, worthless

But now the tune is changed

He has guided our feet there!

Blessed change!

As humbling as it may be

The lot of free grace

Old Adam put in a better dress

That miracle of Divine grace wrought in the soul

God can take the most sin-soiled soul

The voice!

The almighty power of God is exerted!

A new eye

There must be a Divine alteration of disposition

A new creature


He conquers the stoutest hearts, and cleanses the foulest spiritual leper!

By its own powerful and holy instinct

Dethroned, but not destroyed!

Something peculiar, distinct, and different

It is radical, revolutionary, lasting!

The Hell Fire Club

God's hammer!

But when Jehoiada died

Powerful, supernatural, irresistible, mighty, overwhelming, constraining!

Subdued by sovereign love

The good Shepherd's flock

Long my imprisoned spirit lay

Study the 'two pictures' together — to see what grace can do for a man!

The omnipotent grace of God

The new birth!

It opens the eye of the mind!


The great heart changer!

A golden master-key!

Godly parents cannot convert their children

Effectual Calling

True conversion

A thousand foolish ideas

I belong to the church; I suppose I am a Christian


Look at that cold creeping worm!

The lamentation of a new-born soul

A lost, miserable and hateful sinner!

A god to himself?

A god to himself? (part 2)

This new spiritual life


The time of love

Can these be the same men?

His secret power and influence

A new creature

A new existence

You must be born again!


Saving grace or Common grace?

Such I may have been — but for free and sovereign grace!

An unconverted convert?


Before and after...

Conviction or conversion?

Reader! marvel not that you must be born again!

Born again?


The vital spark!

The very first act of regeneration?


Are you "different"?



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