Fuel for hell!

(William Dyer, "The Strait Way to Heaven")

"Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share." 1 Timothy 6:18

There are many men who have a great deal of this world's wealth, and riches, and goods in their hands, and in their houses—but have no grace in their hearts! And therefore they do no good—with the goods of this world. They live so unfaithful, that their lives are scarcely worth a prayer—and their deaths scarcely worth a tear!

Men may as well go to hell for not doing good—as for doing evil. He who bears no good fruit, is fuel for hell—just as much as he who bears bad fruit! You may not be outwardly bad—and yet not be inwardly good. You may be as far from grace—as from vice! The rich glutton was in hell's torments, not for persecuting Lazarus—but for not relieving Lazarus.

"I was hungry—and you gave Me nothing to eat,
 I was thirsty—and you gave Me nothing to drink,
 I was a stranger—and you did not invite Me in,
 I needed clothes—and you did not clothe Me,
 I was sick and in prison—and you did not look after Me."
    Matthew 25:42-43

It is one of the greatest mercies in the world—for God to give a man a heart to do good with that good which He has given him.

Oh! beloved, be always doing good—and hating evil. Look not only where you may get good for yourself—but where you may do good to others. Labor to be helpful to the souls of others, and supply the needs of others.