We commend our young to Your tenderest care

Henry Law, "Family Prayers")

We commend our young to Your tenderest care. How deep, how abiding are early impressions! While the soil is yet tender—may seeds of godliness be sown.

Before Satan with his legion stealthily creeps in,
before the world with its bewitching vanities allures,
before corrupt examples beckon to destruction's way
—do, O blessed Jesus, enter and win their first affections, and mold their pliant wills. Show them in life's dawn—Your beauty and Your glory, the peaceful charms of godly walk, and seal them by Your Spirit as Your own forever.

May Your Holy Spirit be the great teacher, to instruct them that Christ is the mine containing all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. May they early learn that the fear of the Lord is true wisdom, that to depart from evil is right understanding, and that to be brave for Christ is the noblest heroism.

Holy Father, turn not away from the desire of our hearts, humbly presented in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.