Let them alone!

(John Newton, "The imminent danger and the only sure resource of this nation")

"They are joined to their idols—let them alone!" Hosea 4:17

God sometimes leaves men to themselves—their furious passions are unchained, and they are given up, without restraint, to the lusts of their own evil hearts! A more dreadful judgment than this, cannot be inflicted on this side of hell.

Matthew Henry writes, "People go on in sin until the Lord says, 'Let them alone!' Then they receive no more warnings—and feel no more convictions. Satan takes full possession of them—and they ripen for destruction! It is a sad and sore judgment for any man—to be let alone in sin! Those who are not disturbed in their sin—will be destroyed for their sin! May we be kept from this dreadful state; for the wrath of God, like a strong tempest—will soon hurry all impenitent sinners into eternal ruin!"

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We have posted John Newton's outstanding sermon, "The imminent danger and the only sure resource of this nation". I cannot imagine a more fitting sermon for today's 'American Christians' than this. Please read this 10 page sermon—and forward it on to every Christian you know!